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Proudly maintaining snowmobile trails in northern Oneida County, New York, including north Rome, Western,
Hawkins Corners, Lee Center, Stokes Corners, West Branch, Point Rock, Ava and into West Leyden.


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Trail Conditions Report

  • Please review “Trail Info and Map” on the side menu for information regarding trail changes. Please remember that trail conditions can rapidly change from the time a Trail Report has been posted, and that you ride at your own risk.
  • Safe trails are the responsibility of every rider, so if you see a hazard, please remove it. If you are unable to address it immediately, please notify the Trailbuster Club, by phone, email, text, or  , as soon as possible.
  • Click here to go immediately to our Trail Reports, below our Trail Map. Refresh this page using Ctrl-F5 to be sure you're looking at the current map. Click anywhere on the map to view it in higher resolution (and use Ctrl-F5 again on the hi-res map).
  • Please Note: Please be aware of trail changes and stay on the trails. We are so grateful to our landowners who give us permission to have a trail on their land, so please RESPECT them. You are also reminded to yield the right of way to a groomer. When meeting a groomer in tight places, move off the trail as far as possible and stay there until the groomer and drag passes by you to avoid sliding down into the equipment. The groomer cannot move off the trail nor back up. When following a groomer, stay back 100 feet until you can safely pass or are given the signal by the operator to pass. Always dim your headlights when meeting or following a groomer as the high beams blind the driver.

Current Trail Reports:

Welcome to the 2017-18 trail report page.

Note: As a point of reference, the groomer barn is considered the mid-point of our trail system for north/south Trail Report descriptions. The groomer barn is located on Sly Hill, as shown on our online trail map.

  • Tuesday/16 Jan 2018 – Trail C7/C4/C4A from groomer barn to West Leyden and back was groomed tonight. Trail C7 from the Beeches, Towpath to groomer barn was groomed in the afternoon.

  • Monday/15 Jan 2018 – Trails C7/C7P and C7 from the groomer barn to Delta Lake State Park and Camroden Road and back were groomed this afternoon. There are a couple water holes in the Stokes area, but are passable.

  • Saturday/13 Jan 2018 – Trail C7/C4H was groomed this afternoon from the groomer barn to Lee Center and back. This evening Trail C7/C4/C4A from the groomer barn to West Leyden and back was groomed. No major water holes were reported. We are currently operating with one groomer as our second one is down for repairs. Hopefully, it will be back in service mid-week.

  • Tuesday/9 Jan 2018 – This afternoon the south trail from groomer barn to Delta Lake State Park and Camroden Road (C7/C7P/C7D was groomed. This evening the groomer left the groomer barn and worked the trail to West Leyden and back (C7/C4/C4A).

  • Sunday/7 Jan 2018 – North trail from groomer barn to West Leyden (C7 and C4/C4A) was groomed this morning. Report is trail is in excellent condition due to low temperatures and low traffic.

  • Saturday/6 Jan 2018 – South trails from groomer barn to Lee Center and The Beeches was groomed today.

  • Friday/5 Jan 2018 – Trail C7/C4 from groomer barn to West Leyden and back was groomed tonight. The south trail from groomer barn to Lee Center (C7/C4H) and Beeches/Chestnut Street will be groomed Saturday during the day. Ride with care and dress warmly!

  • Thursday/4 Jan 2018 – The south trail was groomed this afternoon. The north trail to West Leyden will be done tonight.

  • Tuesday/2 Jan 2018 – Both north (C7 and C4/C4A) to West Leyden and south trails C7/C4H from Stokes to Lee Center, the Beeches, and Chestnut Street were groomed today.

  • Friday/29 Dec 2017 – Groomer went from groomer barn south to the Beeches and Lee Center and back (Trails C7 and C4H). This evening trail was groomed from the groomer barn to West Leyden and back to the barn (C7/C4A). The steep hill on C7 off Stokes-Westernville Road is closed off and old trail down there is being re-staked/signed Saturday morning for temporary use until a new reroute is completed eliminating the steep hill. Thank you for your patience.

  • Tuesday/26 Dec 2017 – Trail C7/C4 from groomer barn to West Leyden and back was groomed today. New re-route south of Vary Road is open but ride with caution as more work is needed here. Also, the new re-route on C7 going north out of Stokes near the Adirondack Machine shop has a very steep, icy hill and will be closed until a new trail eliminating this hill is built. Ride with caution since trails were late in getting ready due to the extensive re-routing.

    Help with both of the above projects is needed this weekend. If available, please call Dave Seaton at 315-336-2924 or 315-335-9881.

  • Thursday/21 Dec 2017 – The groomer left from groomer barn on C7 to the Vary Road and returned, since the reroute from that point north is not yet completed. Conditions are marginal and there are water holes. We need more snow and cold. Same applies to the rest of our trails. Ride with care.

  • Thursday/14 Dec 2017 – Trail C7/C4 from Stokes-Westernville Road north to West Leyden is closed until re-routes and signing are completed.

Last Year's Trail Reports:

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